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Ray-Air™ is the patented answer for every indoor space from the vision that drives Go Fan Yourself.

Ray-Air increases Air Turnovers per Minute – in other words, rotating the air in your space more frequently. This keeps fresh, comfortable air moving throughout your space at all times.  Imagine your space with no comfort complaints and no cold feet every winter!

Ray-Air uses patented air movement technology to significantly reduce allergens, odors, and mildew/mold WITHOUT filters that require frequent replacement. Dilute airborne pathogens and keep productivity high while reducing sick days. Ray-Air requires ZERO man-hours to operate or maintain!

How it Works

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UL listed & Validated Safe UV Sterilization

According to a study done by the CDC, indoor air quality can be up to 3-5x less healthy than air outdoors2Ray-Air UV-C uses UltraViolet radiation to safely eliminate these harmful particles from your air. Our patented design is able to reduce viruses and bacteria in a room by over 91% within 30 minutes, and over 99% within 90 minutes of being turned on3.

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do for you?

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Ray-Air UV-C

Patented UV technology allows you to rest easy knowing your office space and employees are protected from viruses & bacteria.


Ray-Air LIT

Combining the best air circulation solution with lighting for your space. Ray-Air LIT allows you to see better, breathe better, and feel better in your office.

by the numbers

Through rigorous testing and pioneering technology, Ray-Air™ is truly revolutionizing the HVAC industry. Read below to see how Ray-Air™ stacks up.

Up to

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Reduction in Mold & Mildew, Humidity & Condensation, Odors & Allergens, & Sick Building Syndrome

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Reduction in floor-ceiling temperature variance

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Potential HVAC Savings

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Increase in Employee Satisfaction and Comfort

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