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Ray-Air™ is the patented answer for every indoor space from the vision that drives Go Fan Yourself.

Ray-Air increases Air Turnovers per Minute – in other words, rotating the air in your space more frequently. This keeps fresh, comfortable air moving throughout your space at all times.

Ray-Air supercharges your existing HVAC systems, helping them heat or cool your office space far more efficiently. Ray-Air pays for itself, on average, within 1 year of installation!

Ray-Air uses patented air movement technology to significantly reduce allergies, odors, and mildew/mold WITHOUT filters that are susceptible to breaking and require frequent replacement. Keep productivity high and avoid unneccessary sick days!

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What can

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Cost Savings

REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT!! Ray-Air™ balances the temperature of your space from floor-to-ceiling and increases air turnovers per minute. You will enjoy a more comfortable home/office while spending less on HVAC. Fewer system cycles and shorter run times may lead to less maintenance and longer life of your expensive HVAC system.

Employee Health

By reducing airborne contaminants by up to 99%, Ray-Air™ helps keep you and your employees healthy and happy at all times. With less sick-time and airborne diseases, you can improve productivity and efficiency. Studies show many viruses, like COVID-19 die up to 95% faster while airborne than they do on some surfaces!

Office Hygiene

Ray-Air™ decreases the amount of viruses that will land in your spaces. Studies show a typical office can spread a virus to 50% of the employees, visitors, and surfaces in only 4 hours where the virus can breed and live for days! Coronaviruses die within 3 hours while airborne and may have a half-life of only 1 hour. Less viruses landing means a healthier space!

by the numbers

Through rigorous testing and pioneering technology, Ray-Air™ is truly revolutionizing the HVAC industry. Read below to see how Ray-Air™ stacks up.

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Reduction in Mold & Mildew, Humidity & Condensation, Odors & Allergens, & Sick Building Syndrome

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Reduction in floor-ceiling temperature variance

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Potential HVAC Savings

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Increase in Employee Satisfaction and Comfort

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